The truth, directly from Mayan Elders.

In April of 2012, a group of filmmakers set out to discover two things related to the Mayan Long Count Calendar's end: a relationship to extraterrestrials and a relationship to the future of the planet.

Mayan pyramid ruinsOne filmmaker found an E.T. that was working right beside him. The other found an alien with ulterior motives. What they both got out of their relationship was more than either bargained for.

Elisabeth Thieriot (E.T.); successful San Francisco author and business woman and Raul Julia-Levy; born in Latin America, his celebrity suspect, originally came together to produce a movie about the end of the world, the Mayan Calendar, and revelations from the Mayan Council of Elders. "Mayan Revelations 2012 and beyond "was to produce evidence that the Mayans co-existed on Earth with beings from another planet. It was to prove the Mayan ancestors had a formalized arrangement in a documented treaty with these E.T.s. Julia-Levy had originally contracted to produce the project with A&E.

The result of preproduction came up empty handed for proof of these claims; Julia-Levy had Thieriot waiting in the wings knowing A&E would then pass on the project. But Thieriot, with a journalistic background was not content with just being a bank. She only agreed to produce the movie with Julia-Levy if the audience could learn what the Maya knew about a greater way of living, which would be a follow up to Thieriot's book Be Fabulous At Any Age. Julia-Levy wanting to capitalize on the audience's fear knowing the Mayan calendar was coming to a close on December 21, 2012 and moved fast, agreeing to Thieriot's terms in order to get his hands on her money. He secretly began filming without Thieriot being on the set. When Thieriot finally arrived, she began to question his motives, began to uncover his lies, and looked for an explanation to his subversive behavior. Uncomfortable with the truth being exposed, Julia-Levy halted production. He then ran to military and legal authorities to help him steal the movie. His true intent was exposed. His seditious actions then ignited the true power of the Mayan prophecies.

The documentary film that resulted, "Mayan Revelations and Hollywood Lies" chronicles their quest for answers and their separate paths; one negative, the other positive. Thieriot, a little Indiana Jones, a little Erin Brockovich, leads the audience through an adventure to the jungle, to an island, inside temples and ruins, narrowly avoiding capture by military police, flying out of Central America under the cover of darkness, only to return secretly to the Mayan ruins to learn the depth of the prophecies. Then upon her return home, she had to stand up to blackmail, defamatory media, extortion and mount an expensive legal defense to keep the very message she had fought to procure from falling into the wrong hands.

MAYAN REVELATIONS & HOLLYWOOD LIES takes the audience through the gauntlet of anger, malice and deceit that Julia-Levy put into Thieriot's and production way as she fought for the truth the Mayans wanted to reveal to all of us. Ironically Levy displays behavior what the Maya spoke of as the source of human self DESTRUCTION and the doom of civilization. Thieriot shows the audience her courage to stand up to JULIA-LEVY whose way of going through life manifests use of fear and destruction that spirals him downwards. Through THIERIOT'S visual diary which illustrates the positive use of intention, the audience will see how the choices that are ahead of us and decision we will need to make will send us on the spiral upward for new calendar, b'aqtun 13; 12.21.12. The Mayan prophecies show us the way from a fear-based life to life-affirming prosperity.

Elisabeth Thieriot is an accomplished international businesswoman, author, and philanthropist. Elisabeth is the president and CEO of Elicosma Productions, llc. She is the President of Repleat. Llc a exclusive skin care line of products which makes use of her book, BE FABULOUS AT ANY AGE.

Elisabeth is also the President of Lions Gate Corporation, InTouch Group, and Co-founder of PhoneCharge, Inc. She is a member of the Founders Circle of Strategic Advisors for Wealthguard Advisors, Inc. Additionally, Elisabeth is the President and owner of YouthVoice LLC (Monster March Against Bullies).

Her philanthropic rolls are highlighted by her Co-Chairmanship of the Breast Cancer Emergency Fund, her membership to the board of advisors to The HRH Crown Princess Katherine’s Lifeline Humanitarian Foundation and her membership in the San Francisco based committee for Global Green USA, She is also on the board of advisors for Anchor Free Inc. and a board member of the St. Francis Foundation.

Elisabeth was the former Asst. Producer at POLTEL in Warsaw for International Movie Productions. She was a reporter for ”Actuel” in Paris, France, ”L.I. news Tonight”’ in New York, NY, ”Everybody’s Angels” in San Francisco, CA. Elisabeth was the Executive Producer and host of ”Elizabeth Huntley Show,” an investigative report series on family law and health in Palm Beach, Florida.

Elisabeth holds a BA in Marketing and Merchandising from FIT in NYC and an MA in Broadcast Journalism from NYIT of Old Westbury. She was born in Poznan, Poland.